Yesterday I said that the Magorium promotion will begin in earnest soon and today we have Natalie’s first TV appearance confirmed. On the 15th of November Natalie will be on Live With Regis and Kelly. I’m sure there will be more appearance news in the coming days. Thanks to Celiana and Geraldine.

Phoney_K sends word that Natalie has started filming Brothers at the College (God, she must be sick of them by now) of Sante Fe. Hopefully we’ll get some more reports coming in.

We have the unsurprising results of the last poll up:

Which is the best of the new Parade photos?

Seven 24.31% (106 votes)

I reserve judgement till I can see bigger versions 13.76% (60 votes)

One 13.07% (57 votes)

Six 11.47% (50 votes)

Four 9.86% (43 votes)

Five 9.63% (42 votes)

Two 8.26% (36 votes)

Three 5.96% (26 votes)

Eight 3.67% (16 votes)

And here is a NEW POLL about the Gorilla documentary.