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I believe I promised a new poll so…

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Here are the results of the last poll:

Natalie directing is…

Interesting news 55.04% (251 votes)

Great news 34.21% (156 votes)

Bad news 4.17% (19 votes)

Indifferent news 4.17% (19 votes)

Bad news bears 1.75% (8 votes)

Now that you’ve had your say, here are a couple articles about Natalie’s recent red carpet look.

Stylecritics – Comes with a some new quotes about partying, her mom liking grapefruits and Dustin trying to set her up with his son.

– And here’s what the fan favourite, Lainey, has to say.

Eve29473 found another really interesting article about Natalie and Magorium.

Now for some more gallery updates from Pasha. They all have either new images or images in better quality.

Talk Radio gallery

Paul Mac bday gallery

The Public Sings gallery

Breaking and Entering gallery

Don’t forget TRL tomorrow. If you can record and encode, please send me a line so we can organize something.