pucker up


Before we get to that poll I have a few items to talk about.

Fanatical found a new video featurette about Magorium. Some clips from the film combined with some interview and behind the scenes footage.

While Jenski found similar video over here.

I don’t think I’ve posted about this yet. Natalie and some other celebs have signed the tails of kites that are to go on auction. It’s in connection with The Kite Runner and you can find out more over here. Thanks to LaurieHowlett.

I also want to mention that the lunchbox auction has got another 10 days to go. $110 is the current winning bid. A mere pittance for two Natalie lunchboxes!

Yahoo have compiled a list of the worst movie hairstyles and thanks to George Lucas, Natalie lands on the list twice. Thanks to omgzrachel.

Drew found an article from down under. Seems to mostly be rehashed quotes but the line about wanting kids is new…or isn’t it…hmmm.

Wrapping up the news is a scan from Teen Vogue that is even further cleaned up from JenR.

Here are the results of our last poll:

Of the 3 new photoshoots, which is your favourite?

InStyle 41.86% (239 votes)

T Magazine 34.5% (197 votes)

Teen Vogue 23.29% (133 votes)

InStyle…really? I think I need to get my eyes checked.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

The super definitive, super official best kiss poll.