melody day


Nothing magical about tonight’s update I’m afraid. Just a collection of odds and ends.

Let’s start with some gallery updates from Pasha.

The umbrella gallery has got a couple new additions.

Some small additions to the Central park gallery.

And now for some new single photos.

A better version of that new Magorium pic from Jen.

A new old image of Nat and Angelica Houston.

Two scans from Russia courtesy of Mirik. Click here and here.

And this now untagged photo of Natalie (I hope) yawning.

Finally, this article has a little Nat blurb:

Bill Hader and Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live were in the hot seat as well, which pretty much guaranteed that the evening was going to be a free-for-all. Geek humor abounded; one of the biggest laughs of the evening came when Hader and Myers recalled having Natalie Portman as a guest on the show and discovering the Star Wars actress didn’t know the correct way to pronounce Dagobah.

That’s all for now.