Hi again

Two updates in a day? Let’s hope things are slowly returning to normality.

The first bit of good news is that The Other Boleyn Girl will premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival, which kicks off on January 29. I would assume that Natalie will be in attendance but we’ll hopefully get some confirmation on that soon. Thanks to Marina.

The other bit of potential good news is that Brothers, which was believed would open in 2009, is set to open December 4 2008, according to the IMDB. I wouldn’t bet my life savings on that but I was always a bit baffled as to why it would only come out next year. Thanks to Shoe89.

And finally, Nat might be back in NY if a certain blog entry is to be believed. Thanks to Fanatical.

“I was sitting in the lobby of the Carlyle Hotel yesterday when George Clooney, wearing jeans and a long coat, walked in……Oh, and I also saw Natalie Portman there too. Adorable! All swaddled up in a winter coat.”