pics ahoy


Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. I was on a high after seeing my football team beat our rivals for the first time in 9 years, only to then learn about Heath Ledger. I admired the guy quite a lot and just didn’t feel like doing anything on the site.

Hopefully some Nat pics can lighten the mood of those of you who feel the same.

Pasha got hold of a bunch of new old pics. Let’s start with the singles.

Nat might not feel proud of those Lux commercials but at least we’re able to share hilariously awesome photos like these.

The rest in links, because I’m super lazy.

Another from Lux.
A new leggy Blueberry promo from Fanatical
Garden State promo
And another
And a 3rd
And a Closer promo

Ok, hell, this other Closer promo demands an image on the main page.

Pasha has also updated the Blueberry gallery with some new promos and HQ’s. Click on Nat in bed with Norah for the gallery. Thanks to this Czech Nat site.

Miller and Gregg both had a shot at reworking that new French Elle image. Here is Miller’s version and here is Gregg’s.

And finally, Shoe89 found a small report about Natalie shooting Brothers, on the IMDB.

Today I got to watch toby and natalie film scenes in glorieta, NM …I was standing about 10 feet away from them while they were filming, and I got to meet the director too! It was really cool! I’ve never been on a film set or even seen a celebrity in person before so I’m all excited. In the scene they were walking doen a road talking and getting a little emotional. They are filming here again tomorrow so I’m going to try and watch again.

I’ll be back as soon as I can figure out a poll topic.