now we’re talking


The news is flowing like champagne at a P Diddy party and we’re going to do our best to keep up.

Let’s start in the best possible way…

Woah. That image is from a preview of W magazine at Pagesix. They also have a few quotes from the interview, in which Natalie reveals which Democratic nominee she supports.

UPDATE: I’ve added one more picture from the shoot in this gallery. Plus, the article is up at the website and can be read here.

As we mentioned, Natalie and Scarlett were on The Today Show this morning and their appearance can be viewed over here. Thanks to Rowdy.

They’re really working the Nat-Scarlett double team as you can see by them appearing together again, this time in an interview with Access Hollywood. Thanks to Fanatical610.

If you’re interested in seeing a bit more of Boleyn before its release, head over here for 7 clips from the film. All but one (clip 3) feature Natalie. Thanks to Wilson.

And finally, Natalie bemoans the lack of good female roles in this article at Cinematical. Thanks to Apathy.

I gotta run but I’m sure you’ll see me again soon.