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I don’t have a lot of time so this will be to the point.

A few days ago I wanted to know what you thought of Natalie’s Berlinale premiere look and below are those results:

Rate Natalie’s Boleyn premiere look…or don’t. Whatever.

Utterly gorgeous. 40.68% (214 votes)

Some great elements and some crappy ones as well. 28.52% (150 votes)

Almost wonderful. 16.54% (87 votes)

Well her hair and makeup was good…*cough* 9.51% (50 votes)

We’ve hit an iceberg and we’re sinking fast. 4.56% (24 votes)

I would put myself in the “almost wonderful” camp. Thought there would have been a lot more negative votes though.

Now lets see what you all think of the London premiere dress in…

…holy cow a new poll.

Next up are some new Boleyn reviews…

Harry from AICN hates it.

But another AICN reader dug it.

While The Huffington Post loved it.

And finally, Pasha found a couple interview clips from Berlinale. Hoep your German is better than mine.

Clip 1
Clip 2

Alright, gotta run. Sorry about that but I’ll be back with a more leisurely update soon.