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The question on everyone’s lips today is, “why is Dazza so awesome?” will Natalie be attending the Oscar ceremony later today?

Blog reports seem to indicate that Natalie is attending pre parties in Hollywood. If memory serves, last year she also attended the pre and after parties but didn’t go to the main event. She’s definitely not presenting but maybe the fact that Boleyn opens next week will be reason enough to hit the red carpet. I wouldn’t count on it though.

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed she definitely will not be attending.

Right then, lets get to some updates.

Kicking things off with the best Natalie interview in a while. Lots of new info including the fact that she won’t date guys who have no siblings…I guess I better buy my parents some Barry White cd’s 😉 Thanks to Garcy.

Speaking of dating, waaaay back there were rumours that Moby and Natalie were dating. I think he confirmed it and denied it back then. Now he is confirming it once again. It’s hard to know what to believe because he has quite a playful sense of humour but it was so long ago, who cares?

The interview above mentioned that Natalie and Nathan are still together and Nerf sent in a scan from London Lite which seems to indicate that Nathan was with her in London.

Now for a few vids. Thanks to Quick_wit and AnneRiddle.

Nat and Bana interviewed at Berlinale.

Another clip from Berlinale

Walker found another somewhat positive Boleyn review.

And to round things off, here are some more gallery updates from Pasha.

More additions to the Boleyn NY Press Conference gallery.

And to the London Premiere gallery.

We also have two lovely new shots of Natalie’s portrait at the Berlinale
photocall. Click here and here. First link has been fixed so click away.

And finally, 2 adds to the High School Yearbook gallery.

Thanks to Gabi Berlin, Pichichi, Preppie, Jenski and jan reinhardt.

It’s going to be a helluva week. Seeya soon.