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By December 23, 2004Site-news

You know, it’s damn hard to feel christmas-y when it’s 10 pm at night, the fan is on full blast and i’m still sweating my butt off.

Anyway, enough about my sweaty butt (for now).

There a cool new gallery up with some brand new pics. Thanks to Melody for setting it up and to Lurking and Sonoyta for finding the pics.

New HI-RES pics have also been added to the Mars Attacks premiere gallery.

Angry Liberal has spotted, in the new EW, that Natalie is set to attend to Critics Choice awards. It’s going to be televised on the 10th of January on the WB.

Aperkinsfan sent in this bigger version of Nat clinging on to Jude.

And finally, this site has some clips from the Making of GS as well as a couple of deleted scenes. Thanks to Angelica and Herzwerk.

Ok, that’s it for now.


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