Natalie Portman is cool


For the first time I’m going to start with the fanart. Partly because its so rare that we get fanart but mostly because I think the first piece is amazing. I want to make love to it till the cows come home, and then I want to make love to the cows because, well, cows are sexy.

Thanks to Kevin Wada.

Thanks to Isaac for this Marie Claire inspired wallpaper.

As you all know, Natalie had a cameo appearance in The Darjeeling Limited. The sequence she’s in is one of the best in the film but its very short. Thanks to Jen we have captures from the scene. These may be considered spoilers so click at your peril.

I hoped to be able to do a new poll about the Elle and Marie Claire pictures but we still need scans from Elle. I want to do a mini battle to determine your favourite photo from the two shoots but it’ll have to wait till we get decent scans.

So till then…

…click here for a new hastily prepared poll!

What did you think of The Other Boleyn Girl?

I haven’t seen it yet. 74.12% (335 votes)

Wonderful. Loved it. 10.84% (49 votes)

Pretty good. I was entertained. 7.52% (34 votes)

Not the best but Natalie gave a good performance. 5.53% (25 votes)

Horrible. Hated it. 1.55% (7 votes)

Not too bad.

And finally, Vanilla Lush found a small but cute Nat pic from the rocker hair days.