I’m sure most of you have heard the sad news that director Anthony Minghella, who directed Natalie in Cold Mountain, has passed away at just 54 years old. Anthony was by all accounts an amazing man and was also due to direct one of the short films for NY, I Love You.

Rest in peace.

Some better news for “NY, I Love You”, are these pictures from filming in Williamsburg on Sunday. It looks like they were able to recast and get back on track very quickly. Natalie looks a beautiful bride but no real surprises there.

Both pictures courtesy of 8Ball/Landov.com

Thanks to Fanatical and MaPommeCherie.

Next up is a really beautiful poster for My Blueberry Nights, which opens in just a few weeks. Thanks to Mike.

At first I was pretty horrified by this article, which wants us to believe that Natalie is scared of a psychic’s prediction. If a smart girl like Natalie was really worried about such BS, I would be quite shocked. However, her actual quote doesn’t say much so hopefully it was just a case of tabloids spinning it into something dramatic. Thanks to Karina M.

And finally, Noah Forrest has followed up on his Natalie-Hillary article. Click here to give that a read.

I’ll be back with a lot more in the morning. Seeya then.