easter battle


The recent magazine spreads for Elle and Marie Claire are among my very favourites. I thought to myself, I could admire and love them equally…or I could grow a pair and make the photos battle each other until there is one image left standing to anoint. Well, the decision was an easy one. What says Easter more than having images of Natalie battling it out? Nothing, thats what.

Today we start with the covers and Monday will bring the next match up.

UPDATE – Just to be clear, we’re voting on individual image matchups, not which photoshoot is the best.


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Here are the results of the previous poll:

How excited are you about NY, I Love You?

Quite. Looks cool. 29.23% (164 votes)

Very. Can’t wait. 25.13% (141 votes)

As excited as you can be about a short film. 20.86% (117 votes)

Not very. Maybe when its close to release… 13.73% (77 votes)

Not excited at all. 10.34% (58 votes)