sorting through the mess


There were a couple rumours swirling around that I wanted to confirm before posting and today I was fortunate to get some answers. So, first the rumour and then the truth.

Rumour – The NY Times has a film page for a Hughes Brothers (From Hell) project with Natalie attached. Thanks to Jenski.

Truth – Natalie is not attached to this project.

Rumour – Yesterday’s news that Natalie might also be directing a short for NY, I Love You.

Truth – This one is on the money. She is acting in one and directing another for the film.

Rumour – Fox News says that Natalie wasn’t at Wednesday nights premiere for My Blueberry Nights because she was busy directing a short for NY, I Love You. Oh, and Kevin Bacon was starring. Thanks to Fanatical.

Truth – Natalie DID miss the premiere because of filming but it isn’t for her NY, I Love You short, which hasn’t got a shooting date yet. Unfortunately I don’t have any info about this mystery project (is she directing? is it a feature?) but hopefully news will break soon. But Kevin Bacon is not involved. He is in Scarlett’s NY, I Love You short so that might be where the confusion comes from. That or Fox News just pulls names out of a hat.

So what do you think this new project is? I’m guess The Movie. Natalie is probably playing the key role of the tortured genius, Dazza, with Kimberly Peirce in the directors chair.

Moving quickly along from that bad joke, a reminder that tomorrow My Blueberry Nights opens on…5 screens? 5 screens! Seriously?!?! I have more screens in my bedroom for crying out loud. Well, if you’re among the lucky 1% who happen to live close to one of those screens, here is a nice primer review from Moriarty of AICN fame.

Next up is a page that has a collection of The Other Boleyn Girl posters from around the world. Its interesting to see all the variations but why does Natalie never get to be in the cuddle-tastic middle position? Thanks to Kat.

And finally, 4 more single pic gallery additions. Thanks to Kochie332 and Mirik.

Elle behind the scenes – that dress at the bottom looks PHWOAR!


Bazaar but not bizarre

InStyle – Vodka drinking edition