Greetings on this cold and sleepy Sunday afternoon.

Time Magazine is doing their annual 100 Most Influential People poll and you can go to Natalie’s page to vote for her influence.

“expressed regret and wanted the film yanked”

Maybe Time shares research resources with Fox News. Tsk tsk.

At the time of writing, Natalie is currently in 61st place, just behind John McCain and Nicolas Sarkozy but just ahead of Lance Armstrong and Kim Jong Il. If you think thats strange, prepare to have your brain imploded by Perez Hilton being more popular than Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. Even better, the top 3 include a pop singer from Asia, Britney Spears and an author who has been publishing kids books for a whole 2 years. It doesn’t get better than that.

Thanks to Gik for the heads up.

Next up is a peak of the Blu-Ray cover for V for Vendetta. Thanks to Imakemloose.

And finally, Amanda sent in some fanart.


Seeya tomorrow.