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Today we start with some truly fantastic gallery additions.

Last year the NY Times Style Magazine produced one of the very best photo shoots, unfortunately we never had quality scans that the set deserved. Until now that is. Click the image below to go to the updated gallery.

Glamour Magazine also produced some gorgeous photos last year and the gallery has now been updated with some sumptuous photos. Click the image to go to the gallery.

We also have several updates for the two new NY, I Love You galleries.

Day 2 gallery – The Indian wedding

The cookie break – Okay okay, so its actually a cupcake. I was in a rush creating the gallery and instead of changing the name and having to change all the links as well, its much easier if we all just pretend its a cookie.

A big thanks to natalie-portman.org and Pasha.

Now we can get to the news. ABC has a very clear stream of Natalie’s GMA appearance from yesterday. Natalie looks particularly beautiful and in the clip she talks a bit about My Blueberry Nights but also touches on her shoe line and FINCA. She also clarifies how many languages she is truly fluent in, something that is often misrepresented. Thanks to Spoonbat.

Natalie is MSN’s look of the month and they provide some tips on how to attain it.

“Natalie accentuates her chocolate-coloured eyes by wrapping a brown, smoky shadow around her eyes, blending it into a soft haze beneath,”

That just makes me hungry for some reason. Thanks to Trini.

Finally, the NY Daily News has a little blurb about Natalie’s interest in a Brooklyn loft.

While in Brooklyn shooting scenes for her movie “New York, I Love You,” Natalie Portman was spotted at One Brooklyn Bridge Park checking out a $2.7 million townhouse and a two-bedroom loft. Portman took a fancy to the loft, but the low-key actress passed because it didn’t have a private entrance.

Thanks to prohibited_name.

Ciao for now.