Nat and Dev number 9

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Below we have high res images from the new Devendra and Natalie set. Natalie looks really gorgeous in them and Devendra, with his shave, looks pretty hunky to these eyes. Thanks to Fanatical.

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Seeya soon.


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  • chewbacca says:

    Devranda with a shave… Kinda reminds me of Gael G Bernal…

  • rafael28 says:

    what do these people do with their lives?
    all they do is walk around!

  • Jenski says:

    Gosh, she looks gorgeous. And he looks better with the trim. Too bad he dresses like a douche.

  • bloomdude says:

    Ran into Natalie & Devendra in the West Village last night – they were at Joe’s Pizzeria – read about it here

  • clone says:

    I dont beleive that story that they were seen together on may 4 in a pizza shop. If there both vegans, then why isnt he eating a pizza? simple, this is a made up story. we better be careful, i think someone is try to hurt our natalie.

  • bloomdude says:

    This is a true story. Natalie ate a slice, Devendra didn’t. He’s a vegan. She’s not. Why would I make this up? Joe’s has the best slice pizza in New York. She lives in the West Village. How is this trying to hurt Natalie’s rep? BTW, the friend I was with knows Devendra. The four of us talked for a few minutes, then Natalie & Devendra both gave us hugs and left. 100% true story!

    Here’s the story posted at CelebStoner

  • goya says:

    I thought she was a vegan too…!

  • trippy627 says:

    I thought she was a liar. Hehe

  • clone says:

    natalie is a vegan.