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Since things are a bit quiet, I might as well make a little site announcement. When Pasha came on board last year, it was always going to be for a limited period of time. She’s now starting law school in the fall but will continue to work on the site till then (I think).

Instead of waiting till the last moment, I’ve brought omgzrachel on board to learn the ropes and eventually take over the image gallery section from Pasha. You’ll maybe know omgzrachel from the comments section, the forum or from her brief stint as a backup dancer during Britney Spears’ Donuts and Vodka tour.

Our image gallery system is a bit of a mess. It started doing really strange things last year and eventually we realized that we needed to do something about it. So Kris setup a new system and Rachel and I (also got to mention the help that Sak and Pasha gave along the way) have been doing the mind numbingly boring process of importing every single album. One. At. A. Freaking. Time.

We should finally be finished in a couple days and then Kris just needs to implement it nicely into our site.

This little diatribe is to serve as a partial excuse for the minimum amount of updates lately. Posting news is one thing but when there isn’t news, at the moment I would rather get this gallery updated instead of trying to come up with something to update with.

So sorry about that but as I said, we’re almost done.

Just a couple bits and bobs today.

Bloomdude claims to have seen and chatted to Devendra and Natalie at a pizza joint on Sunday. A pinch of salt might be required for this. Guess Natalie was right to doubt that she could stick to the strict vegan diet.

Trini sends word that Natalie is on the cover of the Canadian Elle. She says that the cover might be a new image. Could any of our Canadian friends confirm?

UPDATE – Yup, its an old pic. Thanks to Marina.

And finally, Tila Tequila mentioned that Natalie was her celeb crush in People magazine. I don’t actually know who Tila is but I have a feeling I’m better off not knowing. Thanks to Amber.


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  • nimbuschick says:

    I think Vegans not eating eggs makes sense, and Vegan men not drinking milk also makes sense, but the fact is that Dairy has a lot to offer to women of reproducing age. Men don’t need dairy after the age of 20. It gives them Kidney Stones and irritates bowel conditions. Women do need it if they plan to have kids.

  • thevoid99 says:

    Tila Tequila is some bisexual host on MTV hooking up with random people. It’s best if you don’t bother. She’s one of those idiots that just dumbing this country down. In fact, MTV is dumbing everything down. I have no idea why those chicks in “The Hills” are big. Though that Audrina Partidge does have nice tits.

    Yet, all of that just confirms my further disconnection with the world.