Normally I have good news but today’s update and poll is about omissions. The last few days Natalie has failed to make…

The Time 100 Most Influential People list
The MTV Movie Awards Nominations
People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People list

Now, personally I’m cool with her missing out on the first two. The Time list is really hard to get onto and Natalie hasn’t made any MTV friendly films since V for Vendetta. However, not making the most beautiful list while someone like Kate Hudson can be number 1, is a bit mind boggling.

What do you guys thing? It’s time for a…

…new poll.

Here are the results of the previous poll:

How do you feel about the plans to redesign the look of the site?

I dunno. It all depends on the new look. 46.77% (275 votes)

Great news. Time for a change. 44.73% (263 votes)

Bad news. I like it the way it is. 7.99% (47 votes)

But on the plus side, Natalie’s mom has been named by Mingling Moms as one of the best mothers in Long Island. Dina Lohan (Lindsay’s mom) was also named, which is a bit of a joke but the Mingling Moms clarified the situation by saying that they were essentially just picking moms of famous people.

That’s all a bit unfortunate because I think Natalie’s mom deserves all the credit in the world for the job she’s done raising Natalie, in a system that seems almost setup to destroy child stars and families.

Thanks to Peter.


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  • trippy627 says:


    Max. That’s a nice name. And Noelle Hancock’s last paragraph was brilliant.

  • koksman says:

    Well, natalie was 28th on the common peoples list in the times.

  • trippy627 says:

    Heylo Dazza. Just some holy inspiration for you. Nicole Hancock apparently writes every celebrity blog piece for New york Magazine and she’s fucking hilarious here talking about Barbara Walters on Oprah today. Here’s a clippet:

    As for Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara says that “from day one, she took over the show.” Barbara broke out a metaphor about how Rosie wanted to drive the bus rather than be a passenger, which made us think of Rosie’s TV movie Riding on the Bus With My Sister, which made us laugh out loud. Also, Barbara hasn’t seen Donald since the feud and doesn’t want to talk about it. But she does want to talk about her affair with Senator Ed Brooke. Barbara says that he started the affair by asking her out to lunch. Then she basically dismissed his wife at the time by saying that she was a “war bride” and that the couple “was not particularly close.” Then Oprah said that she also tapped a married man, and the two had a soul-sister moment and later high-fived.

    Reminds me of you.

  • plop says:

    Maybe the people who takes decisions in “People” hates Natalie?

  • Evgeniya says:

    Who can hate Natalie???

  • Jenski says:

    The People list is usually of stars who are either painfully famous, or just “relevant” at the time the list was made. Hudson had one movie out recently, she has another about to be released, then there’s her relationship with Owen Wilson, her recent birthday and the stalker issue. It’s just a popularity contest.

  • dazza says:

    But Natalie had a movie, is shooting a movie, is dating a very strange guy AND got peed on. It doesn’t get more NOW than that…I mean Nat.

  • ash says:


    enjoy… i like devendra even more like this.
    natalie,oh la la your dude is totally crazy. i know now why you are dating him!