the optometrist wouldn’t approve


Today we kick things off with something rather unique. Last year Natalie did a tour of universities to give talks about FINCA and microfinance. A few of you were able to get in but obviously most of us had to make do with photos and write ups. Well, now Pasha has found an audio recording of her Stanford University appearance so the rest of us can get a bit more informed. It mostly stays on topic but there are a couple moments, like Natalie relating about finding out that there were already a couple dozen Myspace pages claiming to be hers, that every fan would enjoy.

You can listen and download it over here.

Last night there was a concert at Radio City for Israel’s 60th Anniversary. Natalie was not just attending but actually emceeing the event. *Edit: Link fixed.* Hopefully we’ll be able to find out how it went soon. Thanks to Fanatical.

And finally, those of you who enjoy how different Devendra is are going to love this, while those of you who think he’s too weird will be shaking your heads.

Devendra goes shopping for some…toys.