Well, its been a long wait. I think it was around 2 and a half years ago that I had the idea to try a more serious comic to go with the funny strips that we do. At that time I didn’t realize how much time and effort would be required for such a project. I had some bad luck with artists and the project had to reboot several times.

Things took a positive turn when two investors offered to donate funds so that I could pay an artist, which made the task of finding someone considerably easier, as you can imagine.

Well, the first chapter is now essentially complete and will be up on the site sometime next week. Today I have the cover page up for you to enjoy but before I get to that, an important little message.

Nicholas Pietrzak is the main investor and the reason he wanted to help out was because his brother, Alex, was such a big fan of Natalie and the site.

It’s Alex’s 38th birthday today so happy birthday and this is in your honor.