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By May 12, 2008Site-news


Last week was a bit light on new images but today we can make up for that.

Let’s start with a brand new series of candids – Natalie walking her new dog on the 10th of May. Click all the images to go to the galleries. Thanks to Kitten for the heads up.

Next are some scans from Italy. We FINALLY have decent scans from the W magazine shoot with Scarlett (funny that they had to be published in Italy to get them) as well as some new scans from the Glamour shoot. Thanks to Martina.

Wrapping it up with the new images are a bunch of new shots from the recent gallery of Natalie shopping in West Village.

Next up is a brief and blurry video clip of Natalie introducing Yael Naim at the Israel Anniversary Gala. Thanks to Garcy.

That’s it for now. That new poll will come later or first thing in the morning.


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  • Martina84 says:

    You’re welcome, Dazza 😉

  • dazza says:

    Forza Martina! I had almost given up on ever seeing those W scans.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I’m so glad you were able to finally get the W scans. I have the magazine, but it’s so big that my scanner could not accommodate it.

    It’s nice to see some HQ shots from the Glamour shoot, although it would be great to see number 3 in that set in HQ. It is such a lovely picutre of her.

  • Martina84 says:

    I have read when you asked for the W scans, and I was quite surprised when i found them into an Italian magazine. So…

  • clone says:

    hey dazza, I think you better fix those images of natalie with her dog in NY, cause I think you added each picture twice.

  • Sak says:

    Not only blurry (the video clip that is) but shaky as well, not to mention the barely comprehensible audio. Pity, but I can’t upload it to the video section in that comdition.

  • dazza says:

    There were 4 duplicates, which I’ve now removed.