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Hi. Again. Still no poll. Again.

But we do have yet more images from Cannes, this time courtesy of a photocall for the jury. We’ll be adding more later but click the gallery below for the first batch of images.

Thanks to Joe and Cherryvanilla.

UPDATE – The above gallery now has TONS of images. Thanks to Pasha, Jenski and Fanatical.

But after the photocall was the opening night film, Blindness. Just a quick word on the film. Its directed by Fernando Meirelles (who directed the masterpiece, City of God) and is an adaptation of José Saramago’s book of the same name, which is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I REALLY hope the film lives up to all the talent involved.

But back on topic, Natalie was at the premiere and if you click the image below you’ll see the first images. We’ll be adding more so keep checking back.

*UPDATE 2* Tons of HQ images have been added to the gallery thanks to Terminator, Palpatine & Isa Keep checking both galleries for additions.


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