moving images alert

Finally a bit of quiet today so I’m going to use this as a chance to once again catch up on some smaller items that I’ve been holding back.

Pictures have been the main focus of late but today we’re all about the video.

First up is a clip from Canal Plus that has Natalie dancing at the AIDS benefit, and let me tell you, it is absolutely hilarious. Her dance is at the 3.30 mark but before that you can enjoy the French presenters loving them some kitty flashing (don’t worry kids, its censored) and an utterly confused looking P Diddy. Thanks to Carlotto.

Now to some German show that has, around half way through, an interesting clip of Natalie introducing Devendra to some people at one of the premieres. Thanks to V4V.

Next up is a short clip of Natalie walking her new pooch. It’s at the 1 minute mark. Thanks to Pasha.

Wrapping up the vids is a clip of Aussie singer Darren (god, what a great name) Hayes mentioning Natalie in a recent interview. Watch till the very end as he has a great line to finish. Thanks to Buttsie Buttsie Buttsie, oy oy oy.

Next are some media reports about Natalie’s various looks at Cannes.

Go Fug Yourself has a great prosecution and defense for Nat’s ruffle looks.

Lainey is loving the red Indy dress.

– While the LA Times digs on the latest white outfit.

Thanks to Garcy and Daynuh.

Finally, we’ve actually got some fanart today.

Portfan sent in a Cannes themed banner.

Next up are a couple Mathilda sketches from RYan. Click here and here.

And last up is a wallpaper from Sal.

I swear, if I don’t see tons of fanart for Portmania I’m going to throw the mother of all hissy fits. You’ve been warned.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back tomorrow with a new poll among other things.