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By May 24, 2008Site-news

Sadly, we’re going to have to wave goodbye to the Cannes Film Festival. But not before one last series of photos, from the closing ceremony. Thanks to Cherryvanilla, Emilee, Verstand and anqxxx.

The winners have also been announced and you can find the full list over here.

Regarding the earlier news about Natalie in a Zelda Fitzgerald biopic, Aleonor sent in the key translations from the article.

– “In The other side of paradise, she will play Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of the famous author of The Great Gatsby and Tender Is the Night”

– “A true woman portrait in prospect, in the line of Nicole Kidman playing Virginia Woolf in The Hours. And that doesn’t frighten Natalie Portman, contrary to the role of Katherine in Wuthering Heights, which she finally gave up…”

Good night and good luck.


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  • Kate923 says:

    Dazza et al,

    It might interest you to know that Zelda was also a diagnosed schizophrenic who spent much of her 30’s in and out of mental hospitals. Her and her husband were also both supposedly alcoholics. Those of you who are interested, Ernest Hemingway’s novel “Garden of Eden” is supposed to be about the Fitzgeralds, as well as a handful of entries in “A Moveable Feast”

    Sorry. Studied expatriate writers 🙂 I’m really, really excited about the role! It will be juicy.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Very pretty, love the hair, very interesting dress. I have to give the best dressed nod to the gal standing between Natalie and a guy I don’t recognize in pic 5 of this set. All of her dresses have been amazing!

  • sparkie says:

    this has nothing to do with Cannes but Natalie is jewish. And this is some crazy jewish humor. 🙂


  • plop says:

    I like a lot that “last Cannes dress”. Maybe better in a single color, but i don’t know.

    Zelda? People is wrong comparing Natalie with Audry Hepbrun; Natalie’s career reminds me more of Errol Flin’s career: Except Robind Hood and the pirates movies, allways finished dead 🙁

  • clone says:

    I think she’s trying to be some sort of zebra with that striped gown. I’ve heard some actress’s at the tv week logies been called that wear simular gowns to this.

  • rwix says:

    Well the Cannes Film Festival is finished.. I guess Natalie was very beautiful during the Festival…with her different dress and how she was made-up..
    And i believe we all have seen one of her best dress, with different choice of color etc etc!

    Anyways she is still so beautiful..

  • dazza says:

    S.H.S – Please use html tags to link to long URLs otherwise the page gets stretched. Here are the two sites you linked to.


  • Martina84 says:

    Hi! I think Dazza lost my mail so I repost here the link 🙂
    pic of Natalia at VF Party, chatting with Adrian Brody and Elsa Pataki:


  • phil says:

    Just coming back from Cannes. Deceived by Natalie Portman: Why did you do like that Miss Portman? I think you will reconize me: Yesterday evening (for example) where I was the last photographer who stay so lately at night in front of your hotel to demand you a picture (you remember that I respected your private life on “the croisette” near the beach when you were kissing Mister Banhart). And when I demanded you a photo (like all peopple demands to all stars at Cannes and stars are ok because that’s Cannes Festival), you did not speak directly to me but let Mister Banhart answer me a not gently “NO”. All the stars at Cannes gave a photo, even Mister Penn (even tired but he smiled sometimes). You? no! each time it was the same. I’m deeply sad. I can’t imagine you like that. I am really persuaded that someone near you manipulate you. Today I don’t like you anymore, but, anyway, Miss Postman, take care of you.

  • Cybele says:

    Here’s a picture of Zelda. I think that she would be much more suited to playing this role than that of Cathy. It would be total Oscar bait too.

  • dazza says:

    Thanks Martina, yeah, didn’t get that email.

    Mcknight, I deleted your message by mistake. Sorry.

  • fanatical610 says:

    How come there’s rarely a mention of Natalie willingly signing an autograph or taking a photo or just generally being nice to someone? When that happens – and I hope it does – it seems no one takes the time to write in a comment about the experience. Sometimes I do wonder about Natalie’s reluctance. I like Natalie alot but if there’s one thing I don’t like about her it’s her unwillingness to sometimes sign an autograph or take a photo or just give a moment of her time. Yes there’s always another autograph to sign or photo to take but doesn’t she appreciate that someone wants her autograph or her photo? Some others are so much more generous.

  • dazza says:

    I dunno, I mean I’ve been around the Nat scene for like a decade and the majority of personal experiences are positive. I think its just that the bad ones stand out so much more. I’m sure that there are plenty of celebs that are more giving of their time to fans but I don’t think that it means Natalie is especially bad at it. She just doesn’t seem as comfortable with it as some others.

    I mean we really don’t know what the situation was like. Phil staying up late at night outside her hotel…I mean thats not exactly running into a fan by chance is it?

    On the subject, been meaning to post this. Its a vid of Natalie signing autographs and almost getting whacked on the head for her efforts. It’s pretty scary (not the head whacking but the whole frenzy). Scarlett doesn’t sign any and gets booed. Haha.