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oh jeez.

PORTMANIA X day five! hooray for small miracles.

Queen Amidala that banner thing.

yes we have news and all that.

more pictures of Nat and DEV. from Just Jared. DAZZA would have created a gallery but his PC is giving him problems. ie he’s a lazy ho. but here are most of the pics and the rest can be found at the just jared link above.

pic 2.

pic 3.

pic 4

next Cherryvanilla sent in this new scan from the June Italian Elle. HA.

oh man i want to go to sleep. but PORTMANIA doesn’t sleep!

more news coming at you! Carlos Acosta talks about being in the Natalie directed short for NY, I Love You. Pasha found it.

next up are a bunch of major updates for the Cannes galleries. the first one is the Che premiere and it has the most.

now here’s the rest.

Blindness premiere

La Silence premiere

Cannes photocall.

alright. we’ve gotten past the news and site updates. now it’s time for the wallpapers and then i can go to sleep. please don’t let me die.

The first one comes from my dear female friend Prohibited_name.
PORTMANIA makes people uncomfortable.

a really nice one from Lanie.

and a fun piece from Papari.

first he/she (???) finds this breaking news of natalie drinking too much PORTMANIA coffee and going crazy.

and a whole lot from Jenski

an Ad for PORTMANIA coffee.

this one probably should have been put up five days ago.

and next a series of EVIL Nat pics. but first a Natalie FACT.
(WARNING! Natalie FACTS eat a lot of spaghetti.)

Natalie FACT: Natalie HAS turned into a blood thirsty monster from time to time and eaten a few people. especially those people that don’t celebrate PORTMANIA. fair warning people. Jenski supplies the proof:



A bloody MESS.

okay. i’ve fallen asleep and my unconcious self has taken over the update. how are ya? i’m sure when sanjiro wakes up tomorrow he’ll do another update. but this one will probably be early because TOMORROW is saturday. and that means he has to get drunk. sad existance.

I’M AWAKE!! unconcious self is so goddamn mean to me. but he’s right i’m probably getting drunk. DON’T TELL MY DAD.

PORTMANIA by the numbers.


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  • clone says:

    I’ve seen that body expretion before on this sight. its when nathan was walking away from natalie beside her cousin. this sort of tells me, that she’s now going to start to be alone again. she’s driving off alone in that new car of hers. I wonder if its electric powered.

  • Chewbacca says:

    Hey Dazza
    There’s just one little detail that I meant to tell you about for a while: It’s not “La” Silence de Lorna, it’s “Le” silence de Lorna, cuz silence’s masculin in french…
    Alright, now you can look really professional!

  • dazza says:

    Okay, I changed the description for that album although the URL will remain as La because thats a bit of a pain to change.

  • plop says:

    Clone, forget body language and stick in bloody english; the side of the car says explicitly: “HYBRID” (Besides, body language is hard to interpretate, and to stablish its meaning is even harder)