The Airing of Grievances

There is a new set of Natalie pictures from the 12th, but this time just with her hairy friend…errr…her small hairy friend. We’ve only got 3 decent sized images even though there are definitely some cute other ones out there like this:

If you’re able to get your hands on more, please let us know. Here are the images we have, thanks to Pasha and Fanatical.

Natalie has a Jim Sheridan film called Brothers coming out in December and Imakemloose reported on the forum that he was privy to the feedback cards of a recent Brothers screening. The results look promising indeed. Check out the forum thread for the full story.

Time to bring an end to the voting for the second batch of funny Natalie pictures. Here are the top 3 vote getters.

Which is the funniest Natalie picture? (part 2)

Eight 31.39% (140 votes)

Seven 14.57% (65 votes)

Two 11.88% (53 votes)

I am amazed that this only got 29 votes.

So now those three will go up against the three first round winners.

What is the funniest Natalie photo?

Lastly, thanks to Papari we were able to get hold of Natalie’s hilarious amfAR dance. Sak has added it to the filmography page so if you haven’t seen it yet, go get it!