I’m going to start with the results of the last poll:

Would you miss “Nat on TV” and “Recent Articles” from the main page?

No, not really 29.29% (99 votes)

Yes, I would miss them both 28.4% (96 votes)

I would miss “Recent articles” 15.38% (52 votes)

I don’t care either way 15.09% (51 votes)

I would miss “Nat on TV” 11.83% (40 votes)

Wow, those results aren’t very helpful. The reason I brought it up is because the recent articles is only handy a couple times a year, when there’s a mad promo push and articles are pouring out. So I felt it was a bit of a waste of space for 90% of the year.

The TV section, I thought might also be something that very few use. But I guess I’m wrong on both cases. Fair enough.

I had an idea to add Rotten Tomatoes ratings and IMDB ratings to each filmography page but then it dawned on me that surely the most important thing is what Natalie fans think of her various films.

So when I don’t have anything else for a poll, I am going to ask you to rate each Natalie movie, starting at Leon. Once I have the results they will be added to that films filmography page.

So lets start with Leon/The Professional

Pasha has added 5 decently sized images to the latest NY dog walk gallery, including the levitating trick photo below. Thanks to Verstand.

Before I head out, a couple articles.

Britney Snow loves her some Nat. Thanks to “Peter”.

The Other Boleyn Girl costumes are going to be displayed at Hampton Court, for a limited time, starting from June 23.

Next, a little report about Natalie and Devendra getting hot and heavy at a Harvard reunion. Thanks to Steve.

Finally, Heather found a coat very similar to the one Natalie wore in Closer. Might be of interest to some of you.

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