Devendra Banhart has a new band called Megapuss (there’s a Transformers joke there but I’m too lazy), which played in LA on Wednesday night. Natalie was there and several blogs have said things like…

“I also spotted Natalie Portman hanging out at the show, and I guess my friend Kelly talked to her about her racist dog. No idea what that means.”


“I saw Natalie Portman after the show too. She’s so tiny and adorable”

If you’re on the west coast and hoping to spot Natalie or are keen to see Devendra wearing a penis skirt, then note that Megapuss will tonight be playing another gig at LA fashion spot Not To Be Reproduced.

Any attendee that mentions gets a cookie. Thanks to Fanatical for the info.

The latest LAX gallery is now has HQ versions of every image. A big thanks to Hope.

And below is a new picture from the June 5th Soho stroll. Thanks to Fanatical.

Finally, a bit of fanart (you know, you can send even when its not Portmania) in the form of a couple really good Mathilda sketches from Ryan. Click here and here.