Things are still deathly quiet this week but lets see what I can pull together.

Starting with the Leon poll. The results are in and after 677 votes the average rating for Leon/The Professional was 8.4

This rating has now been added to the films page along with similar ratings from IMDB (film fans) and RT (critics). Interestingly, you guys actually have a lower score than those at the IMDB. But both are incredibly high.

I’m going to be doing this for all of her films that have been out for at least a year, however at the moment I can’t add an 11th option to the polls, which would be for those who haven’t seen that particular movie yet. So I need Kris to help me out with that.

In the mean time, here is another poll to muse over.

Get voting!

Sadly no Natalie news even though she is out and about. Devendra and Natalie attended Hecuba’s album release party at The Echo yesterday, but so far no images.

What we do have is a really great Euro 2008 flavoured wallpaper from Teo.