Alice Practice

Things are still pretty quiet on the news front, even though Natalie is definitely out and about in LA, as this new blog blurb confirms. Thanks to Garcy.

One of the most buzz-worthy parts of the night was Nicole’s sighting of Natalie Portman and her folk-singer boyfriend Devendra Barnhart and The Strokes drummer, Fabrizio Moretti. They were seated about 5 feet from us at one of the tables.

Perhaps the LA paparazzi don’t recognize celebrities that aren’t cosmetically enhanced blonde’s?

We do have one new image, which is from the Le (not La!) Silence premiere. Thanks to Fanatical.

And lastly, Marianne Schnall interviewed Natalie about FINCA and microfinance for Entertainment Weekly. However, they only used a portion of the interview but thanks to the Huffington Post we can now read the interview in full. Thanks once again to Fanatical.