hipsters unite

For a change I’m going to start with a wallpaper. Back in the day we would add all fan art to that section in the gallery but unfortunately that procedure lapsed. Since the new system makes things so much easier I see no reason why we shouldn’t go back to saving fan art. I’m going to be a bit selective though, so only the submissions that really wow me will be added.

With that in mind, here is a new wallpaper from Silversurfer.

Now we have a couple blurbs.

We’ve mentioned about how Shia Lebeouf has said he’s got a crush on Natalie and speculated as to whether he would have gotten to meet her at Cannes. Well, now we’ve got our answer. Thanks to Garcy and Huffington Post.

A few days back, Freshidea posted the following in the comments section.

My friend spotted Natalie going into a 4th of July party in Laurel Canyon with Devendra. Her friend lives close to Jenny Lewis’s (from the band rilo kiley) where the party was being held. They spotted Winona Rider, Blake (rilo kiley), Zoey Deschanel,Alex Greenwald ( phantom planet), the girls from the band The Like, designers Kate and Laura ( from Rodarte, whom dressed Natalie for TOBG premire!!!), Lauren Dukoff (devendra’s sister we think?), Fabrizio (the strokes), many of Devendra’s band members and many others they couldn’t name but recognized. She is out and about and hanging with Devendra’s LA crew it seems.

That’s a pretty cool crowd. Not as cool as my crowd though…

A second shift of post-dinner guests arrives at the du Cap, the most exclusive hotel in the South of France. They boogie on the tented terrace overlooking the sea where smoke machines add mystery in the rain.

The entire Indy group stakes out a quiet dark corner where Shia LaBeouf, the new Indy, meets Star Wars alum and jury member Natalie Portman.

Finally, yet another batch of caps from Rachel. Enjoy.