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We begin today with five new images from the private Boleyn screening gallery. Thanks to Garcy for this great find.

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Garcy also noticed that designer and Project Runway judge, Michael Kors, had some nice things to say about Natalie in his blog:

So, the eco-challenge. Guest Judge Natalie Portman is a good style icon. I think the interesting thing about Natalie, first off, in today’s world to find the balance of someone who’s stylish and very chic and very smart, all at a young age. And able to really express herself about everything, including fashion. I thought she was really a fabulous addition to our pantheon of guest judges. And also particularly in this instance to talk about eco-fashion, which I think for her is very, very personal, but she’s one of those girls she doesn’t want to give up being stylish. So, she wants the best of both worlds, so I think she was really a great addition and I think this is something that I as a designer and everyone as designers right now is dealing with. How do we make something that is dealing with eco-friendly fabrics without it making you look like Johnny Appleseed?

Now is a good time to ask you guys what you thought of Natalie’s appearance on the Runway. Its…

…a new poll!

Here are the final results of the Carmensita poll:

What do you think of the Carmensita music video?

Silly. Weird. It’s harmless. 29.96% (160 votes)

Silly. Weird. I love it. 28.84% (154 votes)

Silly. Weird. I hate it. 26.03% (139 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard its silly. And weird. 14.42% (77 votes)

Wow, that’s one of the closest votes we’ve ever had.

Enjoy your weekends.