First Brothers thoughts?

Yesterday I updated with a small Brothers article from Hollywood Elsewhere. In the talkback for that update is someone who appears to have seen the film. Here is what he/she had to say:

i saw a test screening at Sony a month ago. i also saw the original “Brothers” a year ago, where Sheridan himself questioned the audience for feedback about what they liked and didn’t like, what would work better, etc. that’s why i was especially interested in seeing what he did with it. he ignored or couldn’t work in my comment to him about the KIA/MIA problem, which was also in the original.

i felt the original was a bit weak, reminding me of “things we lost in the fire”. i did fall in love with Connie Nielson, but didn’t buy the military character as portrayed by the lead from “the Celebration”(which i absolutely loved).

Jake and Portman were sweet, Shepard adds a small but interesting motivation that i don’t remember from the other version, Tobey is the revelation.

Quite promising.