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By August 18, 2008Nat-news

If there’s any truth to this report, Natalie might be attending Scarlett Johansson’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds. You mean their friendship wasn’t faked for the benefit of promoting The Other Boleyn Girl? You disappoint me, Hollywood.

It’s going to be a white wedding for Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, a report from Star magazine declares this week. The couple, engaged since May, plan to tie the knot this winter, after Scarlett’s 24th birthday. The magazine cites a source for the information. The report claism that the wedding will take place in front of 200 guests, including celebrity friends such as Natalie Portman, Woody Allen and Sandra Bullock.

There is also a pretty entertaining Natalie sighting on this blog.

On the way back from the campsite we stopped at gas station/bakery/kitsch-mart spot (Big Sur Bakery) in Big Sur to get gas and saw Natalie Portman with her dog.

She rolled up in a Toyota Matrix with her boyfriend, and 2 ultra-hip scenesters that reeked of L.A. I totally have a *thing* for her. Here’s what the dialog with my buddy went like:

Dude…she looks like Natalie Portman!

Michael Dudikoff:
No she doesn’t.

[Pause…takes another good look] Dude that’s totally Natalie Portman!

I don’t think she is, dude. [starts pumping gas]

[Staring through space and time, which causes the side of her face to heat up] Dude, she looked just at me, and I saw her eyes and that is Natalie Portman…wow…she’s small!

That does kinda look like her. Isn’t she dating that singer dude?

Yeah, except I can’t really tell…he’s got a hat and sunglasses on…could be…he looks kinda like him. Who are those 2 lamewads with her?

Dunno…they are hella lame. Look like scenesters.

Oh man, she put her sunglasses on after she saw me looking at her. I feel creepy now.

I’m not sure that’s her.

That’s totally her. She’s just smaller in real life. Damn…she’s like 100 pounds or something.

Yeah, she IS very diminutive. Does she have a dog?

I dunno. I think so.

It’s too bad we don’t have the iPhone to look up on the internets to see if she has a dog.

There’s no signal here anyway. Dammit. I know it’s her. I’ll look it up when we get home.


The rest of the trip we built the case supporting the claim that it was Natalie Portman, and agreed that for all our arguments and suppositions, it all came down to the fact that it was dependent on the dog.

Case closed. Here’s what the dog looked like.

I did think of taking pictures, but then I would’ve felt dirty and creepy. Still, I would think that someone who portrays the mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker would be a little more imposing. She was…diminutive, but just as pretty as she is in her movies.

All the fanboys at work are bugging out big time when I retell the story.


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  • Carlotto says:

    He’s lucky ^_^

    “wow…she’s small!” lol yes she is. 100 pounds seems to be a little exaggerated though :p

  • jesslv74 says:

    Hahaha, too funny. Everyone keeps saying how small she is in “real life.” I think I’d still look like a dwarf next to her…shorter and less than 100 pounds. Yeah, I think 100 is a bit of an exaggeration there…she’s gotta weigh more than that. I think if she had a dog with her, it was definitely her.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Actually, for a woman her height and build, 100 pounds is about right.

  • Lanie says:

    Haha, that’s funny.

    I’d probably make Natalie look like a giant at 4’11” and under 100lbs. Haha.

  • clone says:

    That blog is all a made up story, cause 1 any female you see could look like a celebrity, cause I’ve seen women that look like natalie around too, plus 2 any female could have the same dog to get some attention.

    I remember seeing on the news that most people thought they found that missing child somewhere in Europe, but it turned out to be another girl.

    natalie’s got alot of look-alikes.