Nat’s number 6, we’re number 3

By August 20, 2008Nat-news

Forbes has come up with another celebrity list and this time they seek to answer, who is Hollywood’s Most Love Star? Short answer: Will Smith.

Of greater importance to us is the fact that Natalie came in at #6 and is the only female celebrity in the top 10.

The only female actor to appear on our list, Natalie Portman ranks sixth on our list with a range of blockbuster and niche roles. Think Star Wars: Episode III and Hotel Chevalier. Of the actors we considered, Portman has the third most active fan base online and the fourth-highest box office average of $350 million.

Break out the bubbly! Third most active fan base really reflects well on all of us considering that Natalie isn’t constantly in the limelight and starring in huge films.

High fives all round.


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  • kelvin says:

    *high five*

  • Rafael28 says:

    woot! woot!

    & we have to blame for that

  • Carlotto says:

    “High fives all round. ” What does it mean? ^^”

    “Portman has the third most active fan base online” O_ô That’s cool. But I am surprised, I didn’t think we were that active.

  • dazza says:

    I’ve done some snooping around with my Alexa plugin, to see the rankings of other celeb sites. Apart from celebs whose fanbases consist mostly of kids (Miley Cyrus) we are waaaay ahead of the rest.