First reviews of Eve are here

Below are the first 3 reviews/opinions of Natalie’s directorial debut. It would seem that Natalie the director has well and truly arrived.

Okay, it has to be translated through babelfish but even in scrambled English it seems quite positive. They also mention that Natalie is holding a press conference tomorrow.

“Natalie Portman has renewed her quality of young prodigy of the cinema”

“it has been applauded by the public.”

Full translated article here.

UPDATE – Another translated review here and this one sounds even more positive.

The face Is extraordinary “knot” of Lauren Bacall that closes the short “Eve”, before test to the direction of Natalie Portman. The exceeded test to full ballots with praise (summa cum laude, as they say to of la’ of the ocean, using a Latin expression) for the delicacy of the story, the magical touch of the scenes, the circolarita’ of the narration.

UPDATE 2 – Finally an English opinion, from the BBC, and its ALSO positive.

I’m glad to say I’m going home on a high note, having just seen Natalie Portman’s debut short, Eve, starring Lauren Bacall and Ben Gazzara.

A 21 minute-long piece about a couple in their twilight years, it suggests she has a promising future ahead of her behind the camera as well as in front of it.