Sufjan Stevens on Eve

Earlier we mentioned that Sufjan Stevens has scored Eve for Natalie and below we have his first comments about working on the film. Courtesy of Stereogum.

SUFJAN STEVENS: Natalie had seen The BQE performance last year, and asked me to score a short film she was writing and directing, her first attempt, I think, at approaching things from the other side of the camera. I’d never even met her before; she sent the treatment, which she’d written herself. Well, I don’t usually read screenplays. We were trained to scoff at them in graduate school. But something about hers reminded me of the writing workshop. It’s not an “epic” story at all; it’s a charming character sketch of a privileged grandmother, all jewelry and martinis and such, played by Lauren Bacall. I was asked to add only piano, no songs, no arrangements, just quiet, sad, romantic flourishes. Ah! My forte! They sent me scenes, and I performed and recorded all the music in real time, watching the video files on my computer. I don’t especially like music in film, but this one had a few of those awkward, quiet woman-sitting-at- the-mirror-thinking-about-something-important scenes which ask for opera. Lauren Bacall, sans make-up, looking into the heart of the world. It’s like some kind of sad sorcery. But I don’t think I’d do this again, not unless Gus Van Sant called me, or if Kieslowski was raised from the dead, or if Cassavetes was raised from the dead, or if Antonioni was raised from the dead.