Sufjan Stevens scores Eve

The Playlist blog have the news that musician, Sufjan Stevens, has composed the music for her short film, Eve.

Sufjan is a fantastic artist and his involvement on a short film is quite a coup.

The Playlist article also mentions that a French reporter wasn’t too impressed by the film and noticed that the boom mic was visible on several occasions. A bit surprising considering how the first 3 opinions/reviews were very positive.

Natalie says that she’ll be doing some more acting jobs before directing her first feature film, which should still be A Tale of Love and Darkness, the adaptation of the Amos Oz memoir.

The full article is below:

Indie-rock enthusiast, Natalie Portman is at it again. Currently in Venice promoting her directorial short debut, “Eve,” which stars the inimitable Ben Gazzara and Lauren Bacall, a French reporter friend of ours currently at the Film Festival (Julien Dohkan who writes for Allocine), noted that fey indie-rocker Sufjan Stevens has composed the music to her short 22-minute movie.

The short is evidently about a about a girl (Olivia Thirlby) who finds herself intruding on her grandmother’s romantic date, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the film was warmly received “crowd pleaser,” though our tipster noted that a boom mike was distinctively visible three times in the short and it was a bit “embarrassing,” considering Portman was there in the audience.

As for Sufjan, “his style was recognizable : piano, very melancholic, it was all instrumental,” wrote our Gallic friend. They added that a piece called “Forgotten Waltz,” was included, but they didn’t know who wrote it. At the press conference for the film, Portman actually talked about Steven’s inclusion and he actress turned director said she didn’t know the indie-rocker, but was a big fan of his and called him to see if he’d be interested in composing the score. She called his score “beautiful music,” and also noted before attempting to direct a feature, she’ll be taking on a few more acting roles (Portman also directed a short in the upcoming vignettes film, “New York I Love You.” Oh yeah, for the US Weeklygum’s of the world, her bearded beau, Devendra Banhart was also thanked in the credits (naturally).

Portman just recently received a humanitarian award given to film artists who devote themselves to humanitarian causes. The Venice film fest has been apparently low on star-power wattage and interesting films, so Portman’s appearance was apparently a relief for the celebrity starved Italian press. However, our reporter called the short, “charming at best.”

Thanking Devendra in the credits? Maybe he helped with getting Sufjan on board.