Okay, a little love

Well there was definitely some kind of screening for “NY, I Love You” as this blog review confirms.

After such a long wait it’d be really disappointing if the film (still in an unfinished state remember) wasn’t well received. Happily, it seems to have gone down well with this guy, although he doesn’t mention Natalie.

The stories themselves work well together, since they all take different angles on the subjects of love, life, and loss. Some are quite playful – like a tale of teenage connection Olivia Thirlby and Anton Yelchin. Others are quite reflective – like bit about a loner played intriguingly by Kevin Bacon. I think what I liked most about the film, was the way many of the characters overlapped into several stories, echoing the way our lives inevitably stray into one anothers if only for the briefest of moments.