Another NYILY review

This time Natalie even gets a bit of a mention.

I’m not sure what to think about this since it wasn’t actually finished when we saw it. I think music, titles and transitions were all subject to change. It was about what I expected though – some of the short films were better than others but I thought they did a nice job overall with the transitions between the short films. Scarlett Johansson’s film was the oddest one – everything else was shot in colour except her film, which also had minimal dialogue. My friend didn’t like it; I didn’t mind it but thought it was a bit jarring since it was so different than the others. The short directed by Natalie Portman was better than the one she acted in; I quite liked the one Ethan Hawke was in, I thought it was funny. And my friend and I both agreed that the Shia LaBeouf/Julie Christie segment was a favourite. Oh, Shanghai is next for the Cities of Love treatment, then Jerusalem.