Nat comments on shooting Tale in Hebrew

On Saturday we updated with news that Natalie plans to direct a Tale of Love and Darkness in Hebrew. Well, now we have the first quotes from Natalie about the decision.

“Someone made a good point once about how would you feel if Mexicans came and made a movie about George Washington in Spanish? It would be absurd but we do it all the time,” she tells Variety. “I think people are much more open to reading subtitles now and prefer the authenticity of seeing the true language of that culture. It’s becoming unacceptable to make films in places and in a language they’re not supposed to be in.

She also talks about the differences between acting and directing.

“Directing is so different. Twenty-four hours a day I was always doing something and staying busy. In acting I want to try things that are completely different to who I am, whereas when directing I want it to be much more an expression of who I am.”