2 small mentions

Not much but when you put those two Natalie mentions together…okay, its still not much but not everything can be break ups and crazed Hindu’s.

Kirsten Dunst is the latest celeb to give props to Natalie. From People

Who does Dunst look up to as a role model of healthy Hollywood living?

“There are plenty of people who have made it. I think Natalie Portman is quite smart and has made the transition.”

The other mention is from a New Yorker review of John Stuart Mill biography.

Mill said that he had always been a feminist, but there isn?t any doubt that the engine of his feminism was his friend, love, collaborator, and eventual wife, Harriet Taylor. If you see her pictures, and make allowances for the cosmetic conventions of the portraiture of the time, she still looks pretty wonderful: big Natalie Portman eyes and that fine long neck.