Slacker Uprising

A few weeks back someone, whose name I can’t remember (sorry), posted in the comments section that Natalie might make an appearance in Slacker Uprising. The film is a Michael Moore documentary about his college tour leading up to the 2004 election. If you didn’t know, Natalie was very involved in supporting John Kerry during that same period (for example click here and here), so it was definitely a possibility that Natalie could make an appearance in the film.

The film is a free download for North American residents so I had to get it via other means…*cough*.

I can’t say for 100% certainty that Natalie IS NOT in the film, but if she is in it, its an appearance of the “blink and miss it” variety. I definitely would have preferred hearing Natalie on stage instead of Roseanne Barr’s high pitched squeal.

By all means try and prove me wrong. The film is definitely worth checking out. A bit pointless to start with but once the right wingers start trying to stop Moore’s tour it becomes really interesting.