Poll results + Rate Attack of the Clone

Lets begin with the last poll results.

With Brothers moved to some time in 2009, what would you prefer?

A late 2009 release so its amongst the awards contenders. 38.24% (78 votes)

Screw all of those, I want it in 2008! 37.25% (76 votes)

A summer 2009 release so the wait isn’t too long and it might still be remembered if its good. 14.71% (30 votes)

An early 2009 release so I can see it soon, even if it means no awards consideration. 7.84% (16 votes)

Wow, willing to wait another year? I’m impressed with your patience.

And now its time to rate the next Natalie film. Where The Heart Is was last up and now its time for…

Rating Attack Of The Clones