Raging rabbi

The outrage at the Weeping Wall kiss, the anger at a Hasidic Jew and his family for acting in “NY, I Love You” and now Rabbi Jonathan Freirich is piling in on the Hindu “controversy”. Perhaps the Rabbi should rather spend his time looking at the pain and suffering created by his religion before lashing out at an actress having fun in Bollywood garb. Just a thought.

NATALIE PORTMAN has been dealt a bitter blow just in time for Jewish holy day Yom Kippur – a leading U.S. Rabbi has condemned her portrayal of an Indian princess in a new video.

The Star Wars actress portrays Princess Carmensita Saplingita in ex-boyfriend Devendra Banhart’s new promo for Carmensita – a move that has already upset leading Hindu scholars, who have called for her to publicly apologise for mocking their religion.

And now prominent U.S. Jewish leader Rabbi Jonathan Freirich has called on Israel-born Portman to use the upcoming Day of Atonement to make amends to the Hindus she has offended.

He says, “This video mocks a venerable religion. At this time of the Jewish High Holy days, when soul-searching and making of amends are recommended, Ms. Portman has the perfect opportunity to show her true feelings of inclusion and open-mindedness in apologising for her participation in this video.”

Last week (ends03Oct08), acclaimed Hindu and Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed admitted he was deeply hurt by the video, which he claims simply serves to feed incorrect stereotypes of his religion.
He said, “The images used in the video are revered in Hinduism and are not to be thrown around loosely for dramatic effects.

“We invite Hollywood to immerse itself in Hinduism, but we ask that actors and actresses, directors and producers take our religion seriously and respectfully.”

Zed is joined by officials at the Hindu Alliance of India, Shri Ramayan Pracharini Sabha and the India Heritage Panel in calling for a public apology from Jewish Portman. The actress’ representative has refused to comment.