Dazza’s Top 5 covers

Thanks for stealing my thunder, Rach.


Any magazine with “teen” in the title, usually results in epic levels of suck. So this making the top 5 is a bit of a surprise, I guess we’ve all got a bit of Gossip Girl inside of us. Adorable.


Classy with a capital K. Many have wanted Natalie to step into Audrey’s shoes but none of us thought she’d literally step into her dress. Love the over the shoulder look. The hair. The beaming smile. Klass!


Rachel rightfully praised the other cover from this shoot but I *slightly* prefer this one and didn’t want to include them both. This was a great shoot for Natalie. Powerful stuff.


I’m always going on about the short haircuts, yet this cover has enough hair to turn Chewbacca on. If you’re going to have long hair, thats how you use it. Really sexy. Also love the layout of the magazine title and the text – the cherry on top.


Rach and I had the same #2 and we have the same #1 as well. Like she said, it wasn’t even a contest. This cover and the shoot in general is , in my opinion, the most memorable shoot she’s ever done. It is absolutely flawless. Even her boobs look great. Come on!

That brings an end to our top 10 lists. Some time this week I’ll come up with a poll so you guys can have a bit of a say as well. We’ve also got our least favourite cover lists to come as well…although we really should have done those first. Whoops.