Eve seen

Ked delivered on her (?) promise to see Eve at the Hamptons International Film Festival. She wrote up a full break down of the story, which you can read after the click if you don’t mind spoilers.

In short, she thought it was great and noticed that Natalie’s mom was credited with artwork used in the film.

Here’s the full write up:

OK! I saw Eve tonight at the HIFF and it was great. I saw Alec Baldwin on the street and I don’t care if he’s 50 years old or 60 years old, I’d do him in a second. Gotta love celebrity. It makes it hard to remember Eve but…

It starts off with Lauren Bacall putting on her make up to Sufjan Stevens WBM (wet blanket music.) Just kidding it was rather classical music. Then Olivia Thirlby rings the doorbell and Grandma as she’s credited in the movie or Lola as I believe Ben Gazzara calls her, answers the door. They chat and the Thirlby character, Kate, brings up her mother and Grandma dismisses the topic and there’s more cute banter. “I saw you smoking on Facebook.” etc. In the following scenes Joe, the Ben Gazzara character shows up for the date, and Kate, at her Grandma’s suggestion, has a scene putting on make-up where Bacall did in the opening scene. She also looks at a picture of her mother, Eve.

They arrive at dinner and the chef comes over to the table and there’s more talking. Kate suggests she drive Joe’s car home afterwards in a scene where he’s slamming into the cars he’s parallel parked between. She’s outside the car directing him and Joe puts the car in park and gets real frustrated and Grandma comforts him, probably the climax of the movie. They arrive at home and Bacall takes of her face and does one of those brave I’m not wearing hollywood make up faces into the mirror. Kate come to the door and asks again to speak about her mother and Grandma tells her no. It brings me back to reviews of closer where they focused on the beginning and ending of relationships and here there’s an examination of two generations with the one stuck in midlife, apparently with some urgency going on in her life, Eve, the mother, is left out; the focus namesake of the movie is Eve but everything is left unmentioned–good for a short.

Also, I saw that Shelly Hershlag was credited with artwork used in the film.