Pics and reports from Cincinnati

Let’s start with pics from the second Cincinnati appearance.

Damn I love that t-shirt. Obama + one of my fav songs + Nat = cartwheels.

Now for those reports.

Lolita, who sent in 3 of the above photos, included the following personal report as well:

So Natalie Portman was there this morning =), she arrived on time (at 10 am) and was very discreet, very low-key (as you’ll see on the pics). She made a speech about the importance to vote for change, which lasted for a few minutes. Then 2 other people talked for a few minutes as well.

I guess students didn’t know that she was coming because we were very few (like 30 to 50 people).

When the speech was done (in total, maybe 15 min.)she joined the group of students and started to take pictures and sign some autographs but one of the organizers came and said it would be better if she would move to the other side of the room, where people could submit these papers to vote earlier. So everybody moved and started to queue. She was very nice and I think everybody was able to get a picture!

She is so gorgeous, god.. I liked how she was low-key.. But her face, so beautiful! I left 30 minutes after she first talked, and I think everybody was gone at 11 am..

So, that’s it! I didn’t see her yesterday at the concert but I saw the pics you put on the site.

I can’t believe I had the chance to see her! It’s fantastic! and my only opportunity, as i will go back to france next year..

Back to France? You mean you can’t even vote? Haha, love it. Thanks so much, Lolita.

Then, to go with the 3rd picture, Aravind said:

Btw we did speak for a minute. I told her how much I liked her for supporting vegetarianism, being anti fur, and other environmental issues. She stressed again that those were some of the reasons why she was endorsing Obama (she was actually there canvassing for Obama).

I also complimented her on her movies (“V for Vendetta”, and “Closer”).

She was really nice and pleasant. If only other celebrities were like her (or Serena Williams!).