Eve blurb

Natalie’s directorial debut, Eve, didn’t win best short film at the Hamptons Film Festival but this blurb from New York Film Review Examiner, builds on the notion that Eve is very much a success.

The Hamptons International Film Festival thrives with the short films presentation showcasing different programs from comedy to drama. The Golden Star Fish Award: Short Films in Competition assembled five brilliant filmmakers and their shorts to the audience’s delight. ‘Eve’ – perhaps the most anticipated film in the group – directed by Natalie Portman (‘V for Vendetta’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Star Wars’) and having its New York Premiere at the HIFF is simply charming. The short follows a teenager who goes to visit her grandmother (Lauren Bacall) and witnesses the connections and misconnections that people have over the course of one night. The 21-minutes film is superbly acted, Bacall and Ben Gazzara shine in their feisty roles.